Our Faith, Our Spirituality

The ethos of PrioryPKC is a commitment to faith and works; combining prayer and care.

This is expressed as our stated vocation: Christianity, Ecumenism and Charity.

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We believe that Jesus is Lord, and that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament contain the Rule of our faith and practise; but inspired by simplicity and sincerity we also affirm that the Christian church exists in more than one form, and that all who love God and follow Christ, regardless of their denominational creed or confession, can truly be our brothers and sisters in the Priory.

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We believe that Christ calls us to prayer and works; and that the latter follows from the former. We are disciplined by prayer and by service, and we wear our cross as sign of commitment, and of service, working to help those less fortunate.

We believe that diversity is God given; ecumenism is our core-business. We promote Christian unity and understanding and enjoy the diversity of Christian traditions within our own ranks; sharing both 'high' and 'low' forms of Christian worship; understanding that what matters is how our hearts are brought to God, not the means or ceremonies (in that sense), by which we are brought to the Divine..

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We believe that all are God's children and so we also work for inter-faith dialogue and understanding.


We work for understanding, tolerance, respect and struggle against intolerance, hatred and sectarianism, against Christians, between Christians or between faiths, it matters not to us.

We worship God. We follow Jesus; seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit. We pray. We study scripture together. We share the Lord's Supper and Communion. We take up the Cross and struggle for God's Kingdom of Love and compassion here on earth.

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