Annual General Meeting 2018

Once again members of the Order gathered for a weekend at Launde Abbey, for talks, reflections, and to share in fellowship and the Communion (Lord's Supper) service led by the clergy in our Order.IMG 0823 Assembling in the drawing room after the usual introductory coffees, with members catching up with those they hadn't seen for a year, we had our offical welcome from Cathy Davies in her capacity as assistant warden at Launde. The Prior started with a welcome and review of our previous years activity on both a local and national level.


Next Katie our guest speaker was invited to give us a presentation from Habitat for Humanity, which is our current Charity of the Year. The presentation gave us some valuable insights into how the charity works, including how over 90% of funds raised go directly to the projects they are currently involved in.

IMG 0792


For example in the third world a simple house of 3 rooms with secure front door and windows costs just £3,000 to build, which proves how cost effective the charity is. Indeed those who wish to volunteer on projects have to fund their own trip and generate additional donations and while on a project they are expected to "get their hands dirty" 


After lunch, we moved on to a group discussion "What next for the Priory?" where members were encouraged to give ideas, on our direction among other things. A very creative session indeed!

Then onto a much needed tea/coffee breakIMG 0830, as brain storming is very thirsty work.

This also gave us a chance to sell raffle tickets in aid of Habitat 4 Humanity.




After this we all assembled in the chapel for our Communion service. We were very blessed to have three members of the clergy with us; Rev Chris Wilson, Rev Elaine Wykes and Right Revd Richard Garrard. Representing the, Non-subscribing Presbyterian Church and the Church of England respectively,  all three took part in the ecumenical service.

IMG 0808

Sunday started with the inaugural talk by Bishop Richard our Patron, which was both interesting and valuable given his long history of dealing with various Orders and organisations.

IMG 0828A


Indeed the information proved invaluble in terms of what not to do as an Order, and those areas to avoid at all costs.

He also touched on what he felt was a challenging phase in the Christian faith, which he concluded is nothing new and has been happening ever since Jesus walked the earth.

Richard's depth of knowledge will, the Order believe, be a valuable asset in the future.


The next session was taken up with some offical business, including the minutes from 2017 and the Treasurer's report. Then after a short break the Prior gave a reflection on scripture inspired by a quote from C.S. Lewis, after which we all returned to the chapel for a service of Blessing and Rededication.

Lunch followed at which point we all said our good byes and headed for our homes across the UK.

As one of the attendees commented, on this their first visit to one of our AGM's

"Firstly, thank you immensely for your welcome and for the fellowship that I shared with you all. It was a really enriching and cheering experience. I have been reflecting on the experience and will be in touch. I feel that PrioryPKC has a very high quality of spiritual awareness and depth."