Showing God’s love for all in practical ways

Patron: the Right Reverend Richard Garrard BD AKC

We are a Christian Order who come from a wide range of denominational backgrounds,and who believe and trust in the teachings of Jesus Christ completely.IMG 0821

Core Values

  • Proclaim our Christianity
  • Engage with other faiths
  • Commit to charitable works
  • Create an ecumenical community

Our Mission Statement 

The Priory of the Poor Knights of Christ  is an Order not of one Church,but of many  -  established to the glory of God for the fellowship of his children and the service of all his people.

The Priory of the Poor Knights of Christ is committed to practical Christianity for the 21st Century. We seek to be the “hands and heart” of God in our local communities

Our membership comes from a wide range of backgrounds, 

“Some of our members have lay and clerical roles within the Church and see membership of Priory PKC as a supplement to their regular pattern of worship. Others came looking for something they couldn’t find within the mainstream denominations. As an organisation which places great emphasis on practical care for others we understand that commitments to charity and the caring professions can make regular attendance at Church very difficult. Priory PKC recognises these endeavours as a valid form of ministry and we welcome members at any and every stage of their Christian journey. We hope that the Priory will offer you a Christian community which you can join, contribute to and benefit from 24/7 and not just on a Sunday” - Lindsey Jones Prior